Below are guidelines for specific products for each version of Exchange: 

Exchange 2010 Guide:

Notes based on their section number:

  1. Under address space input sms.send or fax.send and omit the Note.
  2. FQDN should be
  3. Use None for authentication


Exchange 2013 guide is the same as Exchange 2010, other than steps 1-2 which should be:

  1. Open the Exchange Admin Center
  2. From the left tab, click Mail Flow, Click Send Connectors
  3. Step 3 and onward is the same as Exchange 2010

Office 365 Guide:

  1. Rename to “TeleMessage Fax” or “TeleMessage SMS”
  2. Use sms.send or fax.send


You have to contact our customer support with the IP address and email from which messages will be sent.

In some cases, we may require a site-to-site VPN connection to enable SMTP API.