Two-Way Messaging


Receiving Text Messages to Your Virtual Number


Two-Way Text Messaging allows you to interact with the people receiving messages from your automated systems.
This is highly useful for one-question polls, get status updates, register to events, etc. 
You can either use a dedicated number or a TeleMessage system number.


How do you get started?

  1. Purchase your unique mobile number.
  2. Decide where you want your messages to go:
    – Our web interface
    – An email address
    – External program using our APIs 
  3. Receive messages!
  4. Receive attachments

Read more below. 

How do I implement incoming SMS in my code? How does the push to my system look like?

You can receive:

  1. Incoming messages to your unique number.
  2. or

  3. Receive replies (and delivery statuses) to messages you sent.

Option 1: Messages/Replies sent to your private virtual number. 

Here are the detailed steps to activate:

  1. Purchase a unique # (this is included in our $99 plan). Contact us to purchase a number. 
  2. Responses can be delivered to our web platform, email address, or your existing systems in XML format (which you can have parsed into any other language of your convenience).
  3. If you would like messages to be delivered via our API, then you will need to provide a URL address to where messages should be delivered. The structure of incoming messages will look like this.
  4. Contact our Support Team so we can enable this feature. This is not a feature that is activated by default. 
  5. We will add your URL to our authorized list. 
  6. In your account, go to Settings > Advanced Settings > Filtering Rules. Click Enable at the bottom of the page. Now you’ll be able to configure your filtering rules. 2015-10-29_16h07_55

Option 2: Replies sent to shared system numbers.

Even if you do not own your own number, you can receive replies to messages you sent.

Here are the detailed steps to activate:

  1. In the TeleMessage Web SMS settings, under “Replies to Outbound Messages”, choose “Messages I send should come from a system allocated number”.
  2. When you submit your XML requests, you need to activate a request for push status.
  3. Replies and delivery status will arrive as explained in Option 1: Item 3 (above).